Based in New York City and with affiliates across the globe, PixFusion has been a global leader in Personalized Entertainment for over a decade. Known for putting the consumer into the campaign, we have worked with some of the largest companies across the world to create websites, apps, retail products and location based entertainment that puts fans center stage. We create 360 solutions for companies with a wide range of creative, technical and social expertise. Using our patented technologies, PixFusion enables users to create fun, compelling content that is worth sharing and drives results.

"They create innovative solutions for our marketing needs, and the team is very easy to work with, always delivering on time and budget.”
-- Jennifer Greenburg, Index Promotions. --

PixFusion specializes in 2D integrations and 3D transformations and holds the authoritative patents in these areas. We can deliver end to end application development, technology integration or patent licenses. Site licenses are also available for agencies interest in offering photo-personalized applications across a variety of clients. We believe that involving people and making them the star leads to increased social shares, achieves higher levels of engagement and creates true connections with brands that traditional approaches cannot offer. At PixFusion we can work with your pre-existing creative or develop creative to spec. We take pride in creating truly unique participatory campaigns.

2D Patents

Our 2D patents, U.S Patent Numbers 5,623,587, and 6,351,265, cover a method for extracting, from an image, an anatomical portion of a person and associating it, in an anatomically correct fashion, with a background image to produce a new composite image or series of images (video).

3D Patents

Our 3D patents, U.S Patent Numbers 7,460,731, and 7,974,493, cover facial models based upon personal photos and includes a video and enhanced effects such as lighting, shading, skin tone matching and facial movement during the personalization process.

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